CareMax Mattresses


Discover supreme comfort with our CareMax line of mattresses. This Gel Infused Memory Foam mattress boasts a pristine sleep environment for patients. Accessories like Pillows, Wedges, Tray Tables, Cabinets, and more are also available to enhance the overall healthcare experience, surpassing all traditional health care mattresses on the market!

CareMax 2500: Moderate Risk 

CareMax 3000: High Risk 

Accessories: Pillows, Wedges, Tray Tables, Cabinets and More!

Healthcare Style Zip Cover:

Our mattresses feature a zippered cover that provides a seamless blend of comfort and hygiene. The innovative design allows for easy maintenance, meeting the rigorous standards of healthcare facilities.

Fluid-Resistant Mattress Protectors:

Enhance mattress longevity with our fluid-resistant mattress protectors. Designed to withstand the demands of healthcare environments, these protectors provide an additional layer of defense against spills and contaminants.

Firm Perimeter Foam:

Experience enhanced support with our mattresses featuring Firm Perimeter Foam which provides stable edge support that enhances patient safety during egress and ingress. Strategically placed flex paints enable smooth hatching of the sleep surface.

Optional Innovative Design Features:

  • Fully welded inverted seams ensure safety and durability.

  • Behavioral health products cater to unique requirements.

  • Positioners and wedges contribute to enhanced support.

  • A diverse range of pillows adds to the overall comfort experience.

  • Raised side guards.

  • Sloped heel design to enhance pressure redistribution.

  • Custom sizes available.

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(CareMax 3000 shown in photo)