Staff Picks

What we have been loving!

Sandy's Pick

“The Natura All Season Wool Duvet is undeniably my top pick. Its blend of wool's temperature regulation and cotton's softness ensures a consistently comfortable sleep, perfect for all seasons. Since adding it to my bedding, I've bid farewell to temperature struggles, significantly improving my sleep quality. This duvet has become the highlight of my bedding ensemble, transforming my sleep experience”


Saajan's Pick

"My pick is the Chirosupport mattress. I have some issues with back pain and this mattress has been a life saver because it's nice and firm but still has a soft comfy top layer. Overall a great mattress and it's Canadian made"

Kathie's Pick

"My pick is a no-brainer… the Nu Pillow. My personal preference is the 4” (I am a side sleeper). The quick response foam is super soft, but still provides exceptional support all night, no “flipping and fluffing” needed with this one! I love how the pillow fits perfectly between my neck and shoulder… totally LIFE CHANGING!"

Tania's Pick

"This set has left me thoroughly impressed, not just with its appearance but also with its luxurious feel. It has transformed the entire aesthetic of my bedroom, elevating its look and making me genuinely happy every time I enter the room and lay eyes on this stunning bedding."


Dominique's Pick

“The Health Guard CoolTouch Mattress Protector is my top pick to accompany my Ocean Breeze Plush mattress. With my pets sharing the bed, this protector gives me peace of mind, safeguarding my cozy mattress from all their messes. Its protective yet comfy, breathable barrier ensures ease of mattress maintenance, making it an ideal addition to keep my bed fresh and increase its longevity.”