Why Shop With Waterloo Mattress?

Welcome to Waterloo Mattress, your trusted destination for all your mattress, bedding, custom mattress and commercial bedding needs. If you're wondering why you should choose Waterloo Mattress to be your go-to mattress store in the Waterloo Region, please take a look at our business’s ethos, expertise, commitment to quality, and our dedication to the local community. 

History of Manufacturing and Selling Mattresses in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge Since 2005

For almost 20 years, Waterloo Mattress has been proudly serving the Waterloo Region. Our deep roots in the community have allowed us to understand the unique sleep needs of our customers, making us a reliable choice for quality mattresses, affordable pricing, and expert consultation and production of custom mattresses.

A Commitment to Giving Back

Community matters to us. Since the beginning, Waterloo Mattress has actively participated in local charities and initiatives, because as a local business we believe in making a difference right here at home. When you shop with us, you're supporting a business that cares about its community and is here to help those who need it most!

Proud to Manufacture Locally

Waterloo Mattress proudly manufactures in the Waterloo Region. Our products are proudly Canadian-made, reflecting our dedication to quality and local craftsmanship. We take pride in the fact that we oversee every step of the mattress-making process, ensuring you get the best night's sleep, along with top of the line Canadian quality.

No Pushy Sales Tactics

Shopping for a mattress should be a comfortable experience. At Waterloo Mattress, you won't find pushy sales staff trying to meet quotas. Instead, you'll discover a welcoming team of experts ready to assist you in finding a mattress that is perfect for you. Our team is motivated to find the right solution for you, whether that be a mattress, pillow, or even just an opinion on a custom-made mattress build. We strive to be your trusted mattress store in the Waterloo
Region. Please stop by and say hello, next time you’re in the neighbourhood!

Custom Mattresses, Tailored for You

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we specialize in crafting custom mattresses to meet your unique requirements. Whether it's for an antique bed, an RV and trailer mattress, truck mattress, hospital beds, or any other specific need, we've got you covered. We have been designing and manufacturing custom mattresses since we opened up for business. If
you need a quote and just an expert opinion we are here to help you!

From Individuals to Businesses

We also cater to local businesses, providing high-quality mattresses for trailers, healthcare facilities, dormitories, hospitality, retirement homes, long-term care facilities and more. Our dedication to comfort knows no boundaries.

Quality and Expertise

Our principle is simple: Ensure that people have the best experience when shopping for a mattress. We're not just salespeople; we're sleep experts with in-depth knowledge of the tradition of mattress manufacturing. Our knowledge of mattress construction guarantees that you'll sleep on a product that's built to last, and we emphasize price transparency with all of our products, including material, labour, development and more.

At Waterloo Mattress, your sleep is our priority. We invite you to visit us and experience the difference for yourself. Discover comfort, community, and quality, all under one roof. Shop with us today, and begin to                          Sleep Well…Live Well!